Friday, April 6, 2012


So this is how it begins.

I, Justin Ferguson, have returned to the land of Blogger. I say returned because a long while back (at least three years ago, if I remember correctly) I was once a citizen of this land. But I decided that I wanted to explore other lands in the vast world of Internet, and so I abandoned my home in Blogger and became a traveler, exploring distant lands until finally I have returned and staked out a new property, and with me I bring riveting tales of adventure.

In other words: I had a blog, got bored with it, dropped it, spent all my Internet time on other sites, and have now made a new blog which I hope to fill with more interesting posts than I did with the last one.

So this is Justin's Blog 2.0, or version Beta. What is the purpose of this blog? To be brief, it's a place for me to write about the things I'm interested in, whatever those things happen to be at any given time. One thing you should know about me (and probably already do) is that I'm a writer -- a fiction writer, hence the blog title -- and it's been an interest of mine for a very long time, so posts relating to that may be frequent on this blog. Maybe. I don't intend to give out much information on my writing projects on the internet, so we'll see. At the very least it will probably be the common thread throughout this blog.

What else might I post here? Thoughts on books I've read and movies I've seen, songs I like, profound philosophical treatises (i.e. ramblings) on whatever happens to be on my mind, peddling for a friend's movie (coming up next), and perhaps the occasional look into what's going on in my life. Occasionally. I personally don't find my life to be exciting enough to write frequently about. (One of the reasons I write about other people; fictional characters are so much more interesting.)

I believe that's enough for the first post. Cue the dark, dramatic music.

"So it begins."


  1. Wooohooo! Looking forward to following the "ramblings". ;)

  2. I'll be expecting you to turn iron ink into golden words.

  3. Nice Justin. I need to blog s'more.

  4. You forgot the fireworks....there needs to be fireworks.